About various inquiries, please follow below. In addition, refer to the "declaration about protection of personal information" which our company defines for the information about privacy protection.

Declaration about protection of personal information

When using it,

  • A customer's personal information and the contents of an inquiry by which you gave us are severely handled.
  • A customer's personal information is used only within the scope of the purposes described in our privacy policy.
  • The contents, such as question, opinion, etc. by which you gave us, are for using in the reply to a customer, and offering better products and service, and they aren't used without customer's consent for the purpose of anything but to use other purpose.
  • E-mail of the reply from our company is sent to your personal e-mail.Please refrain from using the part or the whole or being diverted to the part or the whole and reuse it.
  • During our reception hours, we can respond to your inquiry in turn.
  • In the contents of the inquiry, it may take time by the time it replies. Please be understanding of this beforehand.
  • Responding to inquiries by phone is within the time prescribed by our company. 9:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end through New Year holidays, company holidays)

Inquiry to the Fire prevention (SSP Department)

Inquiry by telephone.
Tel.: +81-3-3237-3565

Inquiry to the temperature control (Thermal section)

Inquiry by telephone
Tel.: +81-3-3237-3568

Inquiry to the medical (Medical Department)

Inquiry by telephone
Tel.: +81-42-691-0121

Inquiry to the PWBA (development, design, production contract Department)

Inquiry by telephone
Tel.: +81-42-691-0123

Inquiry about IR

Inquiry by telephone
Tel.: +81-3-3237-3561