Explosion-proof Photoelectric Smoke Detector


FLS-02EC(-H2) Explosion Proof Smoke Detector has Division and Zone explosion-proof ratings. This detector is a sensor of the smoke using the scattered light, detecting the scattering of the light reflected by the smoke. There are light emitter (Infrared LED) and the detector (photo-diode) inside, the former emits the light through the lens, and the latter detects the light scattered by smoke to detect the smoke in the hazardous area.


FLS-02EC-H2 is a FM, IECEx and ATEX Approval smoke detector.
-Structure is pressure-resistant, explosion-proof, it can be fitted in a hazardous area. It also tolerates the hydrogen explosion.
-LED provides detector status.

Structure of Detection unit

Wiring Diagram

Single Detector

Multiple Detectors


Model No. FLS-02EC-H2
Electronic specification Rating DC24V,5mA(Standby),10mA(Alarm)
Range of the voltage DC24V±10%
Alarm Level 1.8 to 3.1 %/ft
Status LED Color : Red
Normal:Blinks once in 10 seconds
Alarm:Blinks once in 2 seconds
Trouble:Light out
Output Relay Alarm Relay : Form A, DC24V 1A.
Trouble Relay:Form B, DC24V 1A.
Range of the temperature Operating 0 to +50 degree C
Storge -20 to +70 degree C
Range of the operation humidity 30 to 85 %RH (no condensation)
Mechanical specification External dimensions 136×136×100
Material aluminum alloy (ADC12)
Color Black
Weight Approx 3kg


FM Certification

IECEx Certification

ATEX Certification

Instruction Manual & Technical Bulletin