Our "aggregation of technologies" is also useful at a medical site.

Medical business

It's 1980 that our FENWAL CONTROLS OF JAPAN made an advance into the medical field. Since then, we have engaged in original research, development and made many improvements in quality and cost reduction so that patient friendly artificial kidney dialysis equipment can be offered.

In addition to GS mark which is the certification of the safe apparatus by Germany TUV, there is a past record which acquired CE Marking in March, 1998.

Since we originally have abundant experience and accumulation of technology in the field of the controller for temperature control, the following technical developments indispensable to dialysis equipment are the areas of our specialties, such as fluid temperature/ control of concentration, pressure control (venous pressure, dialysis pressure), flow control (blood pump, syringe pump, removing water/ infusion pump), screen control, display (LCD, English/ Spanish/ multi languages such as Chinese, etc.) and various detection unit (bubble detection, blood leak detection).

Furthermore, results of medical equipment besides dialysis have also been increased, and we will continue efforts so that we can furthermore contribute to the medical site.

Pharmaceuticals medical devices Act (formerly the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law) permission/ registration
First class medical devices marketing license, permission number 13B1X00193
Medical equipment manufacturer registration (Nagano factory) registration number 20BZ000123
Medical equipment manufacturer registration (Hachioji business institution) registration number 13BZ200870