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SSP(Safety Security Protection)business

By technical cooperation with U.S. Fenwal Company, Fenwal Controls of Japan acquired advanced technology of a fire alarm etc. in 1961. Since then, the original know-how concerning disaster prevention to a start in domestic production of the company's products has been accumulated, and the original technology covering various fields has been built.

The disaster prevention apparatus and system services which we have developed, manufactured and sold have covered in various fields, such as a semiconductor plant, a nuclear power plant, etc. where advanced disaster prevention performances including industrial facilities, a factory, an office building, a multi-level car parking tower, and an overseas plant are demanded.

And now we propose the disaster prevention system "SUPERIOR PROTECTION" which consists of four pillars of surveillance, detection, fire-extinguishing and explosion control. This is the intelligent disaster prevention system "S-NET", which developed for the first time in Japan in 1990, and received high evaluation, and high-speed fire suppression system friendly with the environment for the sensitive smoke detection system "SAS" and the furlong substitution fire extinguishing gas "HFC-227ea" that can sense a fire, and stops damage at the various stages within a minimum and implements ideal measures.

There is also abundant lineup, such as an ultra-compact smoke/ heat detector "F series" ultra-small in the world class for industry, also as "Enrai" with excellent features for general residents "Netsurai." Our measures are always aiming at further safety, exceeding the range of the conventional disaster prevention and developing fusion with circumference equipment.